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image435_fWs.gifThe Municipality of Stylida lies on the foot of Othris in an amphitheatric arrangement at the centre of a vast olive grove. It is the commercial port of Fthiotida and the haven of the Prefecture´s capital.


History - Monuments - Sights

» Stylida: It is built on the site of the ancient town of Falares on the natural bay formed by the Gulf of Maliakos. The ruins of the ancient walls that once protected the town of the Aechean Fthiotians - until the beginning of the 4th century B.C. when the town passed to Malean hands - are conspicuous. The Monasteries of Agios Vasilios and Agios Georgios, as well as, the Monastery of Agii Taxiarhes in Neraida are the most important religious monuments of the area.
image201_fWs.gif A Memorial dedicated to Kasomoulis, an 1821 warrior, is worth noting; the warrior´s grave is there as well. There are caves and hunting lodges in the location called "Agii Anargiri" where the "Sapounorema" springs can also be found. The Park with its open theatre and the space which is set apart for driving instruction comprise a centre of attraction.
» Agia Marina: A picturesque fishing village, ideal for swimming, fishing, walking and enjoying fish delicacies.
Fish tavernas and cafe bars right next to the sea can be enjoyed by people of all ages all year round. A walk down the port with the picturesque fishing boats or down the old bridge or the church completes this harmonious union with the seaside landscape.
» Logitsi: It is a village with a splendid view which offers the visitor peace and quiet. Here, you can see the splendid stone bridge and the Church of the Metamorfosi tou Sotiros [Transfiguration of Christ] with its particular architectural style.
image128_fWs.gif» Anidro: A typical agricultural village set inside an ancient olive grove. The Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos is located at the village centre (19th century).
» Neraida: A charming village known for the beauty of its natural surroundings, the hospitality of the inhabitants and its local meat.
» Avlaki: A Folklore Museum operates in the stone Primary School. The Holy Church of Agios Vlassis rises at the village centre.

Gastronomy - Entertainment

Apart from the countless tavernas on the coastline where fresh fish from the Gulf of Maliakos is the prevailing delicacy, the visitor can also savour local raki and delicious snacks served in these mountainous villages. The central square in Stylida is very lively and ideal for food and entertainment.


Cultural and other Events

"Maritime Week": It is held in Stylida every two years in the beginning of June with music and other activities.
Sarakatsaneiko feasts are held in the location known as "Vourlia" (20/7). Festivals are also held at Avlaki (2/5), Logitsi (6/8) and Anidros (26/10).